Bartering Time: Another Example

10 02 2010

Earlier this week, I posted about how to get what you want or where you want by thinking creatively.  In that post I gave an example of bartering time for travel. Here I’ll share another example of how I have successfully bartered my time while still having fun.

I love dancing and I love acting, but I always wanted to be able to sing and be a “triple threat”.  Growing up, my family stressed the value of a dollar, voice lessons were incredibly expensive and I’m not sure I believed that my voice could be all that improved so I never broached the subject.  In Fall 2009, I performed in a lovely children’s musical titled Jenny’s Penny, my first musical theater jaunt since high school.  I did a bit of singing in the show, including a brief solo and decided that if I ever was going to try to improve my voice, now would be the time.

I approached the musical director and creator of the show and expressed an interest in training with her.  I knew that her rates would be out of my price range and she confirmed my suspicions, so I suggested that we do a barter of sorts.  She would give me a weekly voice lesson and in exchange I could tutor, babysit or give of my time in some way that might interest or help her.  She is a brilliant composer with a large amount of original work, so we decided that I would help her organize her files and musical compilations in exchange for a voice lesson each week.  Though I am hungry for more time with her, this arrangement has been working out wonderfully.

Feel free to post in the comments how you have used this principle of time bartering to get you where you want to be.  Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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