Inefficient Bureaucracy (Is There Another Kind?)

12 02 2010

When I was eight years old I got a series of Hep B vaccines. Apparently I didn’t convert, so today I went to a vaccination clinic to get jabbed again. (For free! As I mention in the FAQ, our insurance plan between February 4th and February 17th is to retroactively elect COBRA if we need it, but not otherwise.)

The clinic dealt with immunizations only, so the crowd wasn’t too sketchy, but the wait was very long. There was a good deal of paperwork, but it was being processed fairly quickly. The hold-up was on getting the vaccines administered. We quickly figured out why:

Amy noticed that there was one person administering vaccines in the clinic, and three people processing paperwork. She also noticed that at least one of the people processing paperwork was licensed to administer vaccines!

Talk about inefficiency!

I plan on reporting Amy’s observation to the NYC Dept. of Health, which operates the clinic. I’m heading back for some more vaccinations in early April, so I’ll blog then on whether things have improved. For some reason I doubt the answer will be yes…

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2 responses

12 02 2010
Freely Living Life

Inefficiency in the medical world? Nooo! 😉

Your post brought back a flood of memories and reminders of why I had to quickly change my career path.

13 02 2010

Ah, but this is the ultimate combo: medical world + government world!

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