Moving Out

13 02 2010

On Friday we moved into our friend’s apartment (which, incidentally, is gorgeous). We’ll be staying there for five nights before heading off to the Dominican Republic.

Everything worked out wonderfully with our apartment in the sense that we were able to find fantastic tenants to take over our month-to-month lease during our time away, and our friend nearby happened to have a luxury three-bedroom apartment in which she was only using one room.

The main reason we decided to sublet rather than simply give up our apartment was so we could return for a couple of months, and:

  • Clean out (pack up and sell) our stuff without being too rushed
  • Not feel pressure to buy the first RV we came across
  • Give Amy time to book a lot of film screenings
  • Be in New York when it was a bit warmer
  • Be in town for Passover with our families

So far everything is working out according to plan. Over the next few days we need to put the finishing touches on the materials we’ll be teaching in DR (more to come on that), and make sure we have everything for the trip. Way better than waking up at 6:30am to commute to the financial district!

PS – Jay’s mom grew up in the pre-interweb world where finding a sublet was mostly a word-of-mouth proposition. We wanted to sublet our place for seven weeks, an odd period of time. We advertised all over the place, and it ended up working out perfectly: great tenants who were interested in the exact time frame we were. Couldn’t have done it without craigslist, listservs, and facebook! We passed up the first few people who were interested because they weren’t perfect matches. While there was always a risk we wouldn’t have someone when we wanted, our confidence in social networking / communication technology worked out.

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