This is NOT New York City

18 02 2010

It’s not snowing, everyone’s friendly, no one is rushing anywhere, and there are whales. I’ve been many places where there’s snow in the summer and sun in the winter, and I’ve been to places where the people are friendly. I think the biggest contrast for me is how laid back everyone is here. There is no urgency in anything (except in serving guests), and there are no wants. Maybe I’m just noticing it more because I’m not commuting to a 12-hour workday, but New York City really is the hustle-and-bustle city that everyone makes it out to be. I really don’t get how people find rushing around to be attractive and exciting.

Amy just chimed in with this: As laid back and welcoming as The Bayit is, they could certainly take a page from the super warm and friendly people here. (Though I don’t see the HIR becoming a clothing-optional synagogue any time soon!)

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One response

7 03 2010
Aliza Hausman

That’s funny. Usually the service is slow!

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