Our First Day Teaching on the Resort

19 02 2010

Today was our second full day on the resort and it just keeps getting better!  We both taught our first classes today in yoga and astronomy, respectively.  I prepared a full-hour power vinyasa class, which I toned down into a 40-minute gentle stretching, yoga and meditation session.  Ten or so people turned out for it and I received fantastic feedback that the class was challenging, but refreshing and relaxing – at just the right level.  Hearing that feedback is definitely one of the best parts of class!

Leading new friends in yoga on a pavilion that overlooks the beach while listening to Ashira and Elli Kranzler music is just ‘wow’… particularly as we wind down for a relaxing weekend.  I can’t stop thinking that ‘we did it!’ and we’re one of those people who are creative and also lucky enough to be living the life – on a resort, with wonderful people in warm weather – all expenses paid.

Yair’s astronomy class was very well-received.  He had great visuals (he stole some folks’ drinks to use as models of celestial objects), an engaging lesson plan and a similar turn-out of around ten people, which is great for resorts where people tend to choose lounging on the beach over participating in activities.  We just got back from soccer and our first painting session.  Our new friend Diana is a fantastic artist – she painted the purple flower on my shoulder in the photo below – and we have a road trip planned to Rio San Juan with her next week.  It’s time to hit the shower and get ready to bring in Shabbat (the sun sets later here).  Wishing you all a peaceful weekend and a Shabbat Shalom!

PS – Yair and Jay are the same person! We both grew up in religious Jewish communities and have retained certain cultural practices, one of which is the use of Hebrew names.

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3 responses

5 05 2010

Hi Again,
I am just getting started reading your blog. Maybe you cover this question later? How did you get your opportunity at the resort to teach? Do you do it in trade for accomodations?

5 05 2010

Hey Chris,

Thanks for visiting! In a nutshell, yes. Amy blogged about it a bit here, with related posts here and here.


12 02 2014

I think one of the links was faulty. Here you go:



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