Haitians, an Iraq War Vet and an Upcoming Trip to Cabrera

3 03 2010

This week continues to be clear and warm, and time is flying by quickly. It’s hard to believe that we have less than four weeks left on the resort, although it’s looking like we may be invited back for a return trip to the DR or a sister resort in Tampa during busy season next year.

Here’s a brief update on some of the interesting people we’ve met and things we’re planning.

People we’ve met

  • A Haitian couple who drove ten hours from Port-au-Prince to get away from the craziness for a week, though it’s hard to ‘get away’ by going to a resort where being from Haiti instantly sparks a flood of questions. Obviously more well-heeled than your average Port-au-Princian, their business was affected by the earthquake but their house stood untouched.
  • An Iraq war vet who recently returned home, along with his wife. When he was showing some people his photos and videos from Iraq the other day, Jay got the impression that there was a divide between his and his audience’s attitude toward war. Jay felt that he was a typical soldier in the sense that he joined the force because a friend did, and seemed to think that big weapons were cool – even when used against other people. (Amy thinks that this may have been a coping mechanism.) Most of the other people watching his videos commented primarily on how young the primarily 18 – 21 year-old soldiers were. **UPDATE FROM JAY – While I still think the above is true, I did get to know Iraq War Vet more over the course of his stay. He’s otherwise a pretty nice guy.**

Things we’re planning

  • AR, one of the entertainment staff here, comes from the neighboring town of Cabrera. She turned 19 today, looks much younger than her age, and has a one-year-old son. On Thursday we’re going to visit Cabrera and meet her family, who she is excited to introduce us to. It should be a fun time. [As a side note, Amy noticed her putting on sunblock today and was surprised that a native would be using it. AR explained to Amy that she is naturally light-skinned, but has been getting a stronger tan since working at the resort. It seems as though light skin is prized in the relatively well-to-do town of Cabrera, and her friends had started teasing her about her darkening tan, so she decided to give sunblock a try.]

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14 03 2010
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