Macarena Musings

4 03 2010

I’ve become friends with a very high-end Russian escort named Irina.  While we were burning up the dance floor tonight to the Macarena (a song about a girl who sleeps around), I realized the irony of the situation.  You meet lots of interesting people here and whether it’s high-end escorts, CEOs or farmers, they’re a refreshingly eclectic bunch.

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6 03 2010

The Macarena–that song has infected the world over. I was once in a tiny village in Madagascar and I gave some people batteries . . .the next thing I new, they had a radio pumping out the Macarena . . .in Malagasy. . .and all the little village kids were doing the dance!

6 03 2010

Awesome! We’ve found that “La Bamba” is of similar stature just about, well, everywhere.

7 03 2010

@simple: That’s awesome. I was first introduced to the song back in grade school and one of my favorite memories is of my Oma leading a roomful of 200 people to the Macarena at my bat mitzvah. Good times!

6 03 2010
Freely Living Life

Thanks for stopping by to visit us today! 🙂

I hope all is well in the DR!

I haven’t heard the Macarena song in years!! =)

6 03 2010

Things here are still great! I doubt you’ll be hearing the Macarena if you keep spending your days in Arkansas state parks 🙂

7 03 2010
Freely Living Life

LOL @ the Arkansas State Park comment. You didn’t tell me you have a comical side to you. 🙂

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