Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head: Exercise!

8 03 2010

We heard tonight that the average rainfall for March in our part of the DR is about one inch. While the weather is still warm and we’ve caught some sun, the past week has been uncharacteristically rainy. People come here to swim, play water volleyball and drink themselves silly at the beach bar, and the lack of “beach weather” over the past week has given some guests the bad weather blues. (This week is supposed to be sunny and warm!)

I teach daily yoga and zumba classes, and was happy to provide a somewhat unintentional but very effective remedy for the lethargy on the resort. I somehow convinced a large group of ‘non-exercise-types’ to join my classes today, and they left feeling pumped and commenting that they had earned their lunches for the first time since they arrived. There’s definitely a correlation between exercise and high spirits. So the next time you’re down, put on some good music and get moving!

PS – I’ve been practicing my handstands and my sister has been bugging me for more photos on the blog. We’ll get some more interesting shots up soon, but until then here’s my best handstand attempt! 🙂

Handstand Practice

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