Date Night, Amy From New York and More Cool People

12 03 2010

We’ve continued to meet really interesting people and plan on writing a sentence or two about a different person or couple each week. Before we get to today’s featured guests, I’d like to share a new addition to our weekly schedule: date night. Jay and I get to spend a lot of time together here and eat almost all of our meals together, which has been great. However, the one thing we recently realized was missing was meals for just the two of us. People at the resort are very friendly and welcoming, and you really need to try to sit by yourself, as a walk into the dining area is a walk into tens of lunch or dinner invitations. (Our track record in making it to breakfast isn’t great, although we had a nice early morning today and the chef made a mean french toast!) At Jay’s suggestion, we’ve decided to start a weekly table-for-two dinner, and I’m loving it.

It’s funny how many of our interactions here remind us of home. We were in the upper hot tub a few days ago with people who work in Leonia, my hometown, and another couple arrived yesterday who have an office in Fort Lee, the next town over. Our Friday night dinner was with a half-Jewish couple who live in Portland, Maine – where my mother grew up. This all makes it hard to internalize that we’re 1,500 miles from home!

Further compounding the “where are we!?” feeling was a request for help from a French Canadian actress (a guest on the resort) who needed help mastering her theater lines in a “tough New York accent.” I busted out my best Brooklyn and Long Island accents for her. I had a great time recording, and she was thrilled with the results. When she offered to pay me for my time, I declined. Later that afternoon she took me completely by surprise by treating me to a prepaid manicure at the resort spa. I can’t wait!

Finally, today’s interesting people: Alex and Heather joined us on a scuba diving adventure last week. They’re great people, and one thing we loved about their lifestyle was that – although they both work “normal” jobs – they have lots of land and grow nearly all of their own food, including fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, poultry and beef (which I guess you don’t really “grow”, but still). They invited us to swing by their Wisconsin home on our RV tour of the States, and we’ve been getting a lot of similar invitations from newly made friends at the resort. We’ll definitely be taking a lot of these folks up on their offers!

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12 03 2010
Freely Living Life

It’s so wonderful to hear that you are not only enjoying your time in the DR but you are meeting people and making special connections with some of them too! It’s funny how you can travel several thousand miles away and bump into someone from your home town. This happens to us often. šŸ™‚ Hope your manicure was relaxing!! ā¤

12 03 2010

Definitely! Amy decided that the DR was relaxing enough and decided to hold off on her manicure until a day or two before we return to the States. (It also made sense to do it that way because Amy plays water volleyball daily here and thought it would start to crack quickly… alas, no daily water volleyball back in the Bronx!)

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