Cool Things About Canada

14 03 2010

We’ve met a lot of Canadians here and this brief post is dedicated to them.  Cool things about Canada:

  1. Women are legally allowed to go topless in public anywhere in the country.
  2. A year’s worth of paid maternity / parental leave.  Period.
  3. I don’t really have a third fact.  Three is just a nice round number.  So we’ll leave it at that and I’ll let you know if I find a third Canada fact that strikes my fancy.

Oh, Canada!  🙂

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14 03 2010

#3: No worries about who’s going to pay the hospital bill if you get sick.

14 03 2010

Oh, man. Definitely. We’re in the middle of figuring out the best way to set up our health insurance and it’s a bit less than fun. Canadian permanent resident status isn’t too hard to get, and from what I understand we would only need to be in Canada half the year to qualify for health insurance. Thought provoking…

15 03 2010

number three: I AM FROM THERE

15 03 2010

@Adi: Awesome. Had no idea. What part of Canada?

15 03 2010
Freely Living Life

All four of us are dual citizens USA/Canada.

It was simple for our children as they are automatically dual because their Mother was born a US citizen and their Father a Canadian. But I really had to laugh at your statement:

“Canadian permanent resident status isn’t too hard to get.”

Huh? Have you TRIED to go through this process? I’ve been though it and I have a husband in the country. It took over 2.5 years for my paperwork to go through. It costs a pile of money and a lot of jumping through hoops (interviews both in person and over the phone, fingerprints, full background checks….etc). No offence to you, but I just think it’s hilarious when people think it’s “so easy” to just obtain Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence Status. If you do not have any ties to Canada….all I can say is good luck getting approved. They are one of the most strict countries to get into.

Thank you for dedicating this post to us Canadians!! There’s so much about Canada that’s awesome! We love both the USA and Canada and are so happy to call these beautiful countries our home. We’re so glad you are meeting some wonderful Canadian folks over there. 🙂

15 03 2010

@Freely Living Life –

Yikes! I guess the government doesn’t always tell it as it is. My statement that Permanent Resident Status is easy to get is based off of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. I’ve actually never heard that it’s “so easy” from anyone. I just extrapolated from the criteria on the government site. Amy and I both exceed the 67 point qualification for “Skilled Workers and Professionals”, and while I completely understand bureaucratic hangups, what’s so bad about fingerprints, a background check, and a medical evaluation? Sorry for my ignorance on this!

2 05 2010
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