15 03 2010

The all-male (gay) resort takeover is in full swing and they’re a fun and lively bunch, but I’ve been banished from all the excitement because I’m – you know – female.  Apparently a few of the guys in the group don’t like women and requested that there be no female staff or guests for the entire week on the property.*  Both the owner of the travel company and the group’s events coordinator gave me permission starting today to use the resort grounds, participate in activities with the guests and eat in any of the restaurants since the group loves my yoga class and enjoys spending time with me, but resort management vetoed their decision as the resort is waiting with bated breath for next year’s takeover booking and management doesn’t want to do anything that might upset any of the guests.  So consider me re-banished.

The terms of our contract with the resort stipulate that we provide programming in exchange for treatment as full-fledged guests.  Since my movement and participation are being restricted (no hot tubs all week!), we were told that we could take a few days off from programming to explore the area – so that is what we might do.  Nevertheless, I’m hoping for a win-win situation where I continue giving the classes that everyone loves and get to use the pool during the day and participate in a low-key way.   (Jay on the other hand has been the belle of the ball and is definitely the most popular guy on the resort.)

Last night the group had a “leather theme party” and it was certainly an education.  I won’t post any photos (we do want to keep our PG blog rating), but imagine 150 guys walking around in these (no frontal nudity shown, but not safe for work).

*Most of the other guys think that banishing females is ridiculous and just furthers the type of discrimination that this community experiences around the world.  What can you do…

PS-  The group is having a Mamma-Mia movie sing a long tonight and I can’t wait.  🙂

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16 03 2010

This story makes me feel so conflicted! A tropical resort full of gay men sounds heavenly. On the other hand: what chutzpah! I can’t believe they would want to banish you.

My suggestion: go in drag.

16 03 2010
Freely Living Life

Wowza. Sounds like fun.

17 03 2010
rach g.

whoa nelly – i thought your escapades were already pretty hilarious but this takes it to an entirely new level.

ames- cannot stop cracking up picturing a roomful of people wearing what you linked to…

17 03 2010

@Allen: Great suggestion, though I have found that girls convincingly going drag is much harder than a guy donning heels, wigs, a dress and making it work. The retreat is heavenly, however – perhaps if we return here next year, we can bring you in? 🙂

@Freely: Yes, it IS a lot of fun. Beginning yesterday, I was allowed to start participating in the water volleyball, instructional massage classes and more. True to their name, the gay men here are so happy with a very positive outlook – and it doesn’t hurt that they are vacationing in the beautiful Caribbean!

@Rach: Welcome to our blog! I’m glad you enjoyed the visual. Here’s another: I’ve always loved playing and creating new things with scarfs and wraps, so I thought I’d endear myself to the group by playing fashion diva. Last night was the “White Party”, so the guys had oodles of white chiffon and fabric that I pinned into wedding bustles, dresses, togas and… frum head coverings. Before Yair and I got married, a friend showed me how to wrap scarves in all types of decorative ways. So now imagine the 150+ group in white peek-a-boo outfits with cut-outs in all sorts of fun places… and tichels! 🙂

22 03 2010
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