A Small Life

20 03 2010

Jay quietly slipped out the door this morning when I was still half-asleep and returned a few moments later.  Upon his return, I asked him where he went and he shared with me that last night a small colorful bird came to rest for its final moments on our porch and then died.  Jay found the bird in the morning, took its body twenty feet away to the edge of the forest, covered it with half a coconut and said a few final words.  It’s sweet and refreshing to see a full-grown male and occasional carnivore take a few moments to respect and value a small life.

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3 responses

20 03 2010

a lovely piece of writing and a thoughtful gesture. . . thanks for sharing.

love you both!

21 03 2010

Life is immeasurably enhanced by such moments of kindness and grace…and by appreciating them. ‘Compliments to both of you.

22 03 2010

@m.opps: Welcome to the blog and thank you for your pioneering comment. I hope it won’t be your last!

@AW: I am on the same page as you. Small acts of kindness and wonder go un-acted and unnoticed every day, but what a better world we would live in if they didn’t. Do you keep a blog of your journey?

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