We Got Our Scuba Open Water Certification!

23 03 2010

Two awesome dives today!

We plowed through our skills testing pretty quickly and then went off exploring on two 40 minute dives, examining a hiding octopus, lionfish, needlefish, spiny sea urchins, lobsters, tons of vividly colored coral and fish, and doing some way cool cave diving (parents: instructor-led). Our final dive was capped off with us swimming through a school of tropical fish and watching an eel snake across the ocean floor.

Not bad!

Note: I have to give some serious props to Amy. The only reason we got through our skills testing as quickly as we did was because she put in a good deal of time working through the mask removal and replacement. Breathing the ocean through your nose doesn’t work and can throw you into a panic 50 feet down. Amy put in a lot of pool time at the resort until she figured out what her sticking point was and came up with a creative solution to work around it. Great job! (Yes, proud husband.)

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3 05 2010

Awesome! I did the diving class at qC but like a fool never followed through with the certification but this inspired me to just do it already 🙂
Major props to you and Amy for living the ultimate dream here!

3 05 2010

Thanks for stopping by! I did wilderness skills @ QC. I’m not sure how many wilderness skills I have, but our canoe trip midterm exam was awesome. Good luck with the scuba cert, and I hope we can find a good time for hiking sometime before we head out.

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