The Self-Contained Community

24 03 2010

One of my favorite things about living on the resort is the type of self-contained community that I am able to experience here.  Much like on the college campus, everything is walking distance and the population is incredibly diverse.  Friends stay out late enjoying each other’s company in communal areas before returning to their rooms just a few doors away.  Even better, everything – including food, beverage, laundry, Internet, gratuities, fitness facilities, etc. – is already paid for and included.  Granted, these may be artificial environments as guests pay a significant amount of money for ‘all-inclusive’ vacations and undergraduate tuition is sky high.  Nevertheless, the lack of financial considerations while here combined with the instant creation of local community is still a lovely feeling and is one that I am looking forward to experiencing again at Burning Man, in Costa Rica / Spain this summer and during our future stays on resorts.

On a related note, I feel so much more connected to people around the world and to our planet now that I have spent time with folks from England, France, Sweden, Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and more.  I have learned from and bonded with farmers, models, war veterans, conscientious objectors, devout Mormons and many others.  Nothing – no amount of reading or television watching – can compare to experiencing the world and connecting to the world through another’s life.

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29 03 2010
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