Happy Anniversary to Faces!

26 03 2010

Wednesday evening was the one year anniversary of the debut of Faces of Israel. It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, but this has been an exciting journey and we’re still going strong. In the coming year, I hope to bring a couple more people onto the team so that I am not the sole leadership behind the program.   But before planning for next year, I would like to recount some of the Faces of Israel highlights from the past year:

  1. Sold-out film debut on a weeknight in Riverdale with 300+ audience members
  2. Over 80 screenings and programs across the country at universities, JCCs, summer camps and synagogues across the denominational spectrum
  3. Cover article of New Voices Magazine and significant press coverage in other publications
  4. Film tours to Atlanta, Colorado, North Carolina, Israel and more with a tour to Chicago, Cleveland, Vermont, Washington DC, Boulder, and other locations booked for later this Spring
  5. Film revenue far surpassed the goals I had set, and I have started to shoot higher

With all of those positives there were of course some downers, but as critical as I can be at times of my own work, it’s great to reflect on the program’s first exciting, very successful year!

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