Home, For Now

29 03 2010

And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
T.S. Eliot – “Little Gidding”

The “end of our exploring” isn’t close to here, but we are back where we started for the next couple of months. As much as everything looks as we left it, it all certainly feels different. We are starting to adjust, but it’s hard to stop the mental (unfavorable) comparisons between the past six weeks and our present. We left a place of year-round 85 degrees and sunny weather to come back to cold rain. We left a villa for our one-bedroom apartment, and gorgeous 130 acre grounds for Johnson Avenue.

I luxuriated in a wonderful bath this morning, but then remembered that in the DR we had two hot tubs available – one overlooking the ocean and the other at sea level, about two feet away from the waves. Amy misses the fun and adventurous community that existed at the resort. While I’m usually down for a walk or a bike ride, guests at the resort were usually there to have fun for their entire stay. If Amy was interested in water volleyball and I wasn’t, there was always someone willing to play. Kayaking, the gym, snorkeling – same deal. Finally, people back home just aren’t free all day. Something about jobs…

So far the huge wins here have been seeing my family, buying fresh oranges, and planned reunions with friends. The bright side of things is that New York is warm during the summer and that our adventure is far from over. Amy and I already have hiking, biking, and camping trips in the works for the next couple of months (anyone local want to join?) and Burning Man keeps getting closer.

A quick turnaround to the Dominican Republic seems inviting, but we both know that we want to continue exploring new places. It’s tough when your first experience is that good.

Immediate plans: take my family dog for a walk, finish going through our mail, and start thinking about how we’re going to get rid of most of our stuff.

Happy Passover / Easter / Spring!

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