The Start of the Faces Marathon and Summer Destinations

1 04 2010

Today begins my whirlwind month of running Faces of Israel programs across the country.  While I am no longer personally interested in marketing the film and booking the programs, I love running the Faces of Israel events, meeting with students and getting them excited about questions of civil liberties, Jewish identity and religion’s hand in government in Israel.  I constantly read up on these subjects and have half a dozen Google Alerts set for everything from ‘Chief Rabbi’ to ‘Marriage in Israel’, yet I am traveling notes-free today without any luggage or written materials, which is incredibly refreshing.

I’m flying up to Vermont this morning and will be met at the airport by my university contact for some Passover dinner before the start of my evening programs.   Though my schedule will be crazy this month, I have realized that – even in business casual attire – traveling is really exciting when you’re traveling to something that you love doing or are excited about, as opposed to traveling to a week’s worth of Excel and Access number crunching (a la my management consulting days).

Jay is kicking his RV research into high gear in preparation for our August travels and we’ll probably check out different models at an RV dealership later this month.  In other news, I accepted the tour director position for the summer and received my assignment yesterday evening: four weeks of adventure travel, community service activity and Spanish language training in three locations throughout Costa Rica.  I’m excited already!

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