A Shameless Pitch – Free Roundtrip Air Tickets

6 04 2010

We signed up for a JetBlue American Express card this year. The only reason we have it is because JetBlue offered 10,000 TrueBlue points for signing up for the card and making a purchase. That’s enough for a roundtrip flight on JetBlue, so we were happy to sign up at no cost. As you might have guessed, we’ve only made one purchase on the card – the one that got us the free flight!

Here’s the deal:

JetBlue is having a promotion where we can refer people to the JetBlue American Express card. For each person that chooses to get the card, we receive 10,000 TrueBlue points and the person we refer receives 20,000 TrueBlue points. That’s enough for two round trip flights. Seriously, that’s all there is to it.

If you’re game for up to two round trip flights and want to give us a round trip flight in the process, leave a comment or send an email to ourtakeonfreedom@gmail.com.

Absolutely no pressure, but thanks to those who are in! We’ll be traveling either way, but flying on miles is always best!

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