An Unintentional Updating of Our Bucket List

12 04 2010

As many of you know, Amy and I have been planning our current mini-retirement for a long time. Most of that time wasn’t active planning. Rather, it was time spent amassing capital and keeping our expenses low. That said, in April 2009 we put together a Google Doc that we titled “Projects, Skills, Ideas, Places” – a short-term bucket list. We both had our painfully long-houred corporate jobs at that time, and didn’t spend as many of our free hours as we’d have liked consciously attending to our dreams.

Almost one year later – at the very end of March 2010 – Amy and I revisited our bucket list for the sole purpose of checking off “work on a resort,” something we knew had been on there. We were pleasantly surprised when we checked that one thing off, because we quickly realized that we had accomplished so much of what we had set out to do without really trying, or having a complicated GTD method. Our unintentional method had simply been having the time to play and an openness to adventure.

Some of our recently checked off items:

  • Stay fit: Amy taught yoga, dance aerobics, swam laps, and played water volleyball just about every day. Jay is in much better shape than he was last year, but can’t quite figure out how.
  • Record a podcast: Jay issued the February 24, 2010 “365 Days of Astronomy” podcast
  • Teach astronomy: Jay taught astronomy daily at the resort
  • Start a blog: Well, you’re here!
  • Brush up on our language skills: Amy is now close to fluent in Spanish, and Jay can get by in town without her
  • Work on a resort: Abreu, Dominican Republic, Winter 2010. We’ll be back.
  • Staff a travel trip: Amy is leading a trip to Costa Rica for four weeks this summer, and Jay is leading a trip to Israel for three weeks
  • Scuba diving: We are now both certified and plan to keep diving as we travel
  • Burning Man: We have our tickets for August and can’t wait to experience the playa

Next up on our agenda is downsizing. You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you try to get rid of most of it!

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3 responses

14 04 2010

Hi guys, I’ve been enjoying your blog but I’d really like to know more of your backstory relative to planning for FI. When did you stumble upon the idea? How long did it take to finally free yourselfs from working for a living? I’m currently 2 1/2 years from FI after 8+ years of working and planning and saving, saving, and saving!!. At times it seems I’ll never make it so it helps to know that others have had similar challenges and made it, finally!

14 04 2010

Hi nubianomad, and thanks for commenting! That post or series of posts has been on my ‘to write’ list for a while. Congratulations on being so close to a goal that so few achieve – particularly after only 8+ years! (I’m assuming that 8+ doesn’t mean ~40 :-)). It sounds like you have your head wrapped around FI. You’ll make it! It’s close!

Do you keep a blog I can check out?

15 04 2010

Hi guys, Thanks for responding. No unfortunately I don’t keep a blog – to busy working all the time:). I’m happy to hear that you have plans to share your backstory. It’s always inspiring to hear how you faced and overcame similar challenges.

All the best,

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