A Taste of the Dominican in… Washington Heights

13 04 2010

Amy and I have been adjusting to NYC living again, helped in part by time, nice weather, a recent walk from Midtown to Chinatown, and planning future adventures. Nevertheless, the DR is still hanging out somewhere in our hearts and I found a great Dominican bar/restaurant for us to check out this past Saturday night.

We wanted to get back home in time to bake some bread (seriously), so we had planned to go out for a few dances and then come back. No bread was made that night. The restaurant was packed, nobody spoke English, and we had an awesome time!

It was clear when we walked in that about 150 Dominicans were trying to figure out what we were doing there. Amy wanted to answer that question quickly, so we hit the dance floor for some merengue tipico and bachata. Surprisingly, my feet worked pretty well. Less surprisingly, Amy became the star of the dance floor for the night, never sitting down once. If any of you want to brave the world of Dominican dance on a Saturday night in New York City, check out El 27 de Febrero at 1242 Saint Nicholas Avenue. And dance!

A big shout out to all the random people who bought us drinks!

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