Changing Perceptions of Normality, Continued

28 04 2010

A few weeks back I posted about my changing perceptions of normality, particularly in relation to clothing.  I’ve noticed that my day to day routine is constantly changing as well, and in a way that is strongly shaped by my surroundings.

Five years ago, I couldn’t imagine a situation where I wouldn’t be studying Jewish texts for at least four hours each day.  Three years ago, I couldn’t imagine a situation where I wouldn’t be reading academic articles and sitting in lecture halls for at least three hours a day.  Two years ago, having a reprieve from PowerPoint and Excel for more than a 24-hour period would have been a joke.

Just two months ago in the Dominican Republic, I spent hours each day running around in the sun, swimming, playing and teaching yoga.  While there, I watched maybe two hours of television during our six week stay. When I first returned to New York, I was constantly itching to move and needed to be running, walking, dancing, etc. for several hours each day.  Now – just one month later – I’ve realized that with all the Faces travel, cold New York weather and lack of gorgeous resort grounds as my backyard, I’ve taught yoga twice in the past week but that is about the extent of my exercise.  And whether in transit or to unwind in the evening, I have been watching Glee, House, The Office and borrowing library movies.  Yair practically had to drag me to the gym yesterday.  It’s amazing how much can change in just four weeks.

Nevertheless, realizing that my surroundings affect how I spend my time also empowers me to take more responsibility for my time and how I spend it, so there is a silver lining. I’m off to Montreal tomorrow for three days of intense training for this summer’s Costa Rica program.  I’m looking forward to the change of scenery, visiting my Canadian relatives and hitting the hotel pool!

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