Our Moving Sale – Take 1

30 04 2010

Jay and I hosted a moving sale this past Sunday.  Our lease is not up until the end of May, but we thought it wise to get an early start on downsizing to keep our move as stress-free as possible.  A good twenty people showed up over the course of the afternoon, we cleared out a nice amount of ‘extras’ and we pulled in enough pocket change to cover a couple of weeks’ worth of gas in the RV.  Sweet!  Two lessons learned:

1.  Don’t sell too early!  We clearly were not going to sell our beds for another month, but we hadn’t discussed items like our wardrobes.  Within the first hour of the open house, Jay sold the set and we are now in the process of clearing much of our clothing out of the wardrobes and packing them up by this weekend.  Yikes!

2.  Don’t sell too late!  One couple who stopped by the sale was taken aback that we were selling our belongings for more than a couple of dollars a piece.  They had become accustomed to seeing very low prices at last-minute garage sales and liquidations.  During our sale, we asked people to name prices that they thought were fair and we generally agreed to them.  We were very reasonable in wanting to give people good deals, but the benefit of starting early is that we weren’t forced to create a dollar store in our house and instead were paid decently for many of our belongings.

If you want a real steal, however, swing by our place on May 31st!  🙂

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