Tour Director Training in Canada

2 05 2010

I just returned from a long weekend in Montreal, where I visited relatives and was thrown headfirst into the world of teen adventure travel and summer camp directors. It was a crazy weekend, and the training actually incorporated a full-fledged color war into the event – including an official “Glee Olympics” tournament with song, dance and cheer. Here are a few (more) of my “Oh Canada!” moments:

  1. Say what you will about the airline industry, but Air Canada provided us with food and beverage on a 50 minute flight, as well as a selection of free TV shows and movies on personal screens that were available prior to takeoff and continued following landing.
  2. The technology at the airport was amazing. At customs and boarding, my scanned boarding pass brought up a photo of my checked baggage on a computer, and I was asked to confirm that the items belonged to me. New cool technology and having a photo on file does wonders if you ever lose your baggage.
  3. Canada, your borders are safe. (At least the ones at the airport.) I got grilled for a good ten minutes about the nature of my visit, my “counseling job”, where I studied undergrad, what I studied, and finally, about “What I thought about Canada”!
  4. Lastly, I just found out that Montreal is home to Cirque de Soleil and one of the top circus schools in the world. WAY cool!

I am totally exhausted, but am psyched for the summer and to meet my staff at pre-camp weekend in Montreal this June.

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4 responses

3 05 2010
David Max L.

Hey, I just heard about your plans and found your site. It sounds like it will be a great experience. I wonder if you’re the first MHC grad to embark on this path. Hope your travels are safe and fun!

3 05 2010

Hey there! Thanks for visiting and commenting! Even if I am the first, second and third and beyond are still open. Join in the fun! They need entomologists everywhere, no? 🙂

5 05 2010

Canada!! My home and native land! Peopled exclusively with big weirdos. I miss it!

6 05 2010

@Adi: So make a trip with me some time! Are you back in the U.S. yet?

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