Wild Berries in New York City

1 06 2010

Amy and I were picnicking a few days ago, sitting on a nice size rock in the park and eating some Chinese food* together, when I saw a kid walk over to a low-hanging branch of the tree we were sitting under and… PICK SOME BERRIES AND EAT THEM!

I grew up in the city. Edible things don’t grow on trees here! Or do they?

I called out to the kid, asking him if the berries were good. He assured me that they were, and that the black berries on the tree were best. He explained that in his native Armenia they frequently eat berries off of this type of tree, which was called “tut.”

Amy and I snacked on some delicious – and staining! – berries, and I was in happy shock for the rest of the afternoon. End of story, right? No way. A bit of Googling led me to find out that we were eating morus berries – mulberries! Wait, mulberries off of TREES? What about the nursery rhyme? “Here we go round the mulberry bush?!?!?!” Never happened. Ever. Mulberry bushes don’t exist. Mulberry trees do.

*Our Chinese food lunch-specials came with…. bananas. Not fortune cookies, but bananas. I kind of liked it.

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4 responses

2 06 2010
The Wandering Cartographer

Not only did something edible grow in the city, I dare say those mulberries may have even qualified as organic, they probably weren’t sprayed with pesticides, so you got all their loving goodness, sans chemicals! how awesome! 🙂

3 06 2010

You’re probably right, but it’s funny how “organic” and “New York City grown” don’t quite seem to fit together!

3 06 2010

I’m pretty sure there’s a PEACH tree on our block…. it has little tiny fuzzy stones with cleft “chins” and everything…. i’m just scared the dumb squirrels will eat them, and before they’re even ripe, too.

kind of makes me want to feed all the squirrels in washington heights until mid-august…..

3 06 2010

Awesome! By the way, I love having staring contests with squirrels that are eating. They’re more hesitant to run because they have food, and once they realize that it’s just a staring contest with some clumsy tremendous creature, they’re usually game.

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