Farewell, Telescope

3 06 2010

Many of you who know me also know my Orion XT8 telescope. Well… an aspiring amateur astronomer from Long Island is now the proud owner of my ‘scope. It’s a bittersweet moment, marking – for now – the end of my sidewalk astronomy programs in New York City and my transition to super-dark-sky observing.

My Orion XT8

The Orion XT8 - An Excellent Telescope

I would have been thrilled to bring my telescope to the RV, but it was way too big at ~5′ tall. Once we hit the RV, I’ll be upgrading to an equally powerful telescope of a more compact design. Observing from the ultra-dark skies of the desert and national parks / forests will be a wild shift from NYC observing.

I’ve been involved for some time with an observatory 1.5 hours out of NYC. They have a huge telescope and wonderfully dark skies for a site near the city, but no amount of telescope aperture will ever compensate for a night sky free of light pollution. The west will be wonderful.

On a separate note, I bought my telescope used and got a nice deal on it. I had years of great times with it, and just made money selling it.* How’s that for an argument to buy used?

*The buyer got an excellent deal, though. I actually told him not to buy certain accessories that he wanted because he wouldn’t have been ready for them.




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