On Top of the World

11 06 2010

I enjoy meeting and befriending interesting people, particularly people with sky-high dreams.  One such friend – Dov – has kayaked from Albany to New York, from New Jersey to Baltimore and is currently training for a six-month solo kayaking voyage from Spain to France to Italy to Greece to Turkey to Cyprus to Israel.  Dov invited Jay and I to join him on his journey.  While we’re not able to be a part of his European explorations, I took to the water yesterday to strut my kayaking skills and learn from the master himself.

The river was cool and water visibility was laughable as we were on the historically polluted and often-mocked Hudson River, but I felt like I was on top of the world!  We started out on the Jersey side of the river near Edgewater, paddled upriver toward the Palisades and then crossed the River to Washington Heights.

I’m really proud to have kayaked to New York City! I crossed under the George Washington Bridge by kayak! I even carried my kayak halfway back to the car and learned some knotting techniques to secure the boat to the roof.  SO COOL.  Dov way generously offered us his kayak for the year, as he will be getting a faster one when he arrives in Spain. We had to pass on the offer for now, since we’ll be flying out west to the RV and not driving, but kayaking is fun and we definitely want to keep it up.

Rumor has it that if Dov’s European expedition goes well, he intends to be the first person to kayak around the African continent in 2014.  We’ve landed an invitation to that adventure too, so I better start training those lats!

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3 responses

14 06 2010

I like this a lot.

14 06 2010

Thanks, Yoni. Are you still in New York? I’d be happy to intro you to Dov.

15 06 2010

I’m in Europe until mid-October, but I was just Kayaking in Wales this past weekend, and am going again this Saturday on the south shore of England, near Dover. When I get back to France I hope to find a kayak since I’m staying directly on the Mediterranean coast and would love to paddle around. Still following your posts and happy to see that you and Yair are doing well.

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