Current Feelings and Expectations for the Coming Months

12 06 2010

As we gear up for the second leg of our overseas adventure, Jay and I have started to think about our feelings and expectations for the coming months.  When we first came back from the Dominican Republic, I was sorely missing the great people and places we experienced there.  The DR was such an incredible way to start our traveling that it was hard to adjust to being back in New York. Strangely, it was also tough getting excited for our next adventures, as part of me wanted to just go back to what I knew was great rather than take my chances on something new. But the DR did confirm that it’s important to be open to new travels and adventures, and that good things can come from that openness.

I’m excited to continue living on my own terms and to make my own schedule in our wonderfully post-corporate/cubicle world.  I’m eager to not necessarily be the liberal “out-there” ones in our religious community, but instead to meet all different types of people who both affirm and challenge our life views.  Maybe – when compared to our new peers – we’ll be the traditional, conservative ones for a change.  I hope that I’m not too busy with the administrative parts of running a camp this July to enjoy every beautiful day of the program.  Finally, I hope that we’re not entirely isolated from human contact in the national parks and that the people we meet are free spirits who want to actively explore the world and have the time to do so.

I know that Jay is looking forward to pushing himself beyond his current comfort zone and getting involved in things that he generally would just enjoy watching.  Jay is excited to learn more about the topics that interest him, with a particular eye on future places to live.  And I think we’re both looking forward to facing the test of actually having time to do the things everyone puts off for lack of time (i.e. “I’d exercise every day if only I had the time!”).

So how are we filling our time?  We leave for Costa Rica on Sunday morning, and will spend two weeks couchsurfing across the country.  After the two weeks are up, I’ll stay in Costa Rica to run an adventure travel / community service / Spanish language combination camp for teenagers through the end of July.  (I’m so excited!)  Jay returns to New York briefly before leading a teen tour program in Israel.  Toward the end of July we meet back on the East Coast for a few days and then fly out to Los Angeles on July 29th to start the next big challenge: RV living.  We’ll miss each other with the few weeks of July apart, but living in a box from August through who knows when will certainly make up for it!

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