Congratulations, Little Sis!

14 06 2010

This post is a shout-out to my sister Jessie who graduated from high school this past week and totally rocked her graduation speech.  Congratulations, little sis!

PS –  Props to the high school for actually using technology.  Three members of the graduating class were overseas for the commencement ceremony.  The school managed to Skype the graduates into the auditorium and project their image onto a large screen as they virtually received their diplomas.

*Other random thing: We were at the mall a week or so ago and saw this sign in the parking lot. Cool!

Expectant Mother Parking

Expectant Mother Parking

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4 responses

15 06 2010

Wow, that’s an original sign… I’ve never seen anything like that before.

15 06 2010

Nor I, hence me snapping the photo! Though the privilege could potentially be abused, I thought it was a fantastic gesture to expecting mothers.

15 06 2010

thanks for the shout-out! i certainly feel all cool…and it was a good strategical mov bc you actually got me to comment on the blog! 🙂

15 06 2010

You are all cool. And now that you’ve commented, maybe we’ll invite you to do a guest post on rural Kentucky this summer. 🙂

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