Costa Rica Day One – Ciudad Colon

14 06 2010

Our arrival in Costa Rica was smooth, complete with greetings of “Pura vida” and a spirit of helpfulness. Amy had to bring a box of camp materials to Costa Rica, but didn’t want to be encumbered by them throughout our trip. A quick borrowing of an Avis car-rental telephone led to an easy airport pick-up and storage of the box by the camp’s local logistics partner. Good start.

We then took a super-cheap bus to the “Coca Cola” bus terminal, where we caught another (cheap) bus to Ciudad Colon. On our walk to our hosts farm we befriended a green-tongued cow and took in some SPECTACULAR sights. We’re staying in the rain forest on the top of a mountain, overlooking an expansive and lush valley. Monkeys, toucans, anteaters, and tons of birds are our neighbors, and we’re bunking in a private house on the property.  We didn’t expect such fantastic accommodations and couldn’t have asked for more!

We went into town to explore and grab some food. Fresh fruit here is cheap! We bought three avocados, a mango, and two bananas for $1.57. When we ate the avocado later in the evening it occurred to us that it had no “Produce of XX” sticker. It was from here. Probably from pretty close by. (We also found out that no self-respecting tico would buy a banana, as they grow pretty much everywhere.)

Our hosts are great! A doctor / midwife / exotic foods chef and a retired geophysicist and chemist who moved to Costa Rica forty years ago in protest of the Vietnam War.

Check out our place!

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14 06 2010

THE best thing I did in Costa Rica was camp overnight at the base of Volcan Arenal. I woke up in the morning and hiked up the side through a small boulder field until the clouds started obscuring my view. On the way up, there were cracks in the ground where very hot air was escaping. Check it out, if you get the chance. It’s very cool!

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