Fruit and Pets

15 06 2010

We’ve been enjoying the abundance of cheap fresh fruit in Costa Rica. In fact, as we wrote in a previous post, we were laughed at the other day for buying bananas as they are so abundant in the wild that nobody buys them in stores. On our most recent trip, we picked up a kilo of green beans, two red peppers, a banana (we know), two mangoes, two avocados, and a cucumber. Total cost: just over $3. We like it. The green beans and peppers were wok-ed into a great dinner last night, combined with fresh bread and butter from our hosts.

Yesterday afternoon we went into town with our hosts’ daughter, Maia, who picked up an adorable kitten at the pet store. Many of the pets, including Maia’s kitten, were se regalan (free). There are enough healthy strays around town that the pet store can give away newborns and make their money from food, toys, and other items. After we hit the pet store, Maia bought us small plastic bags filled with what looked like water, along with instructions to bite off a small corner and enjoy. The sweet liquid inside turned out to be coconut water and we sipped it under an awning while taking refuge from one of the daily afternoon rain showers. (This one was a torrential downpour.)

One of the best parts of spending our nights in the rain forest is going to sleep with the sounds of the wild. In the evening, the crickets, the birds and the monkeys. And during the day, roosters and cows in the distance. It occurred to us that this is the soundtrack that people pay money to hear at spas and in their own beds. And here it is all around us, relaxing us to sleep.

Later today we leave for Escazu, where we will meet Juan Jose, our next host who lives in Tres Rios. More to come.

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