Not Exactly Tres Rios

16 06 2010

While I have seen one of the tres rios (three rivers), we aren’t quite in Tres Rios. We’re staying in El Alto, which is just what it sounds like – at the top of a huge mountain. Walking up the mountain isn’t something I would think of as a fun activity, but walking down is. So early this morning Amy and I went for a walk through El Alto and then made our way down to Tres Rios.

The walk was really enjoyable. A bit east of us is a shanty town that we visited. It had streets just on the edge of too steep to walk down, and the kids liked seeing some gringos in their barrio.

About halfway down the mountain a monkey in a tree threw – get ready – a perfectly ripe mango at us. He missed, and we got a great snack for the rest of the way. (While I’m still obsessed with the mangos here, I definitely didn’t set this one up.)

It was a bit of a lazy day following, with a walk through town and hanging out in the town square, some shopping for greens, chit-chat with two Mormon missionaries and then back to the apartment. Our host Juan Jose works as director of art (akin to creative director) at two luxury magazines, and yesterday evening we met his friend, an accountant, for a lovely dinner at a surprisingly nicely furnished arts cafe. Juan Jose has a great apartment in El Alto, and once again we have our own quarters – although this time it’s “just” a separate room. Works for us!

The daily hours-long rain here is becoming a bit of a downer, but it predictably starts in the early afternoon, giving some merit to our early mornings. Tomorrow we may get together with Daniel Vargas, another local couchsurfing host who lives in Guadalupe. Alternately, there are a volcano and waterfalls nearby. We’ll see!

A Beautiful Sketch by Our Artist Host

A Beautiful Sketch by Our Artist Host

A Sketch of "Margot" - Juan Jose's Muse (of his Imagination)

A Sketch of "Margot" - Juan Jose's Muse (of his Imagination)

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