24 06 2010

Okay, just one. Today Israel (our host’s watchman) was cutting the grass on a nearby finca (farm) owned by our host’s sister. The mowing was uneventful until – a large snake reared to strike! Thinking like a level-headed local, Israel fastened his grip on the large stick he had been carrying. One hard hit later, the snake was dead and Israel had a nice prize.

The dead snake was good news, as it was a terciopelo, or borthrops asper – frequently called the most poisonous snake in Costa Rica. We had been warned about the terciopelo, and we were fortunate to have our first encounter with it when it was dead. Israel had brought the snake back for us to see, and it really was a monster. Easily four feet long and ten pounds weight, its body was surprisingly heavy.

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24 06 2010
Allen Strouse

Is it edible? Did you eat it?

Emily Dickinson has this to say about snakes:

A narrow Fellow in the Grass
Occasionally rides–
You may have met Him–
did you not
His notice sudden is–

The Grass divides as with a Comb–
A spotted shaft is seen–
And then it closes at your feet
And opens further on–

He likes a Boggy Acre
A Floor too cool for Corn–
Yet when a Boy, and Barefoot–
I more than once at Noon

Have passed, I thought, a Whip lash
Unbraiding in the Sun
When stooping to secure it
It wrinkled, and was gone–

Several of Nature’s People
I know, and they know me–
I feel for them a transport
Of cordiality–

But never met this Fellow
Attended, or alone
Without a tighter breathing
And Zero at the Bone–

23 10 2010

Didn’t eat it, but I love the poem

22 10 2010

That’s a Red Tail Boa (Boa Contrictor Constrictor) a harmless snake and not in any way venomous.

Trust me on this i keep them as pets and breed them

23 10 2010

1) Keep them as pets and breed them?! Cool!

2) Phew, I guess. On the other hand, man! The snake was significantly awesomer when it was venomous.

6 12 2010

@ Mark. Its NOT a redtailed boa, those don’t live in Costa Rica… its a Boa constrictor imperator ‘Costa Rica’ would expect you would know that if you ‘breed’ them. just proves that not everybody who breeds boa’s know what their talking about. =)

Anyway that snake was pretty much harmless.. maybe cause a few scratches if someone got bitten. among other boa’s i own 3 costa rica boa’s. and must say, this is a stunning animal.. love its color, shame its dead.

3 12 2010

que ignorantes que son ustedes eso es una boa constrictor no tiene veneno no se parece en nada a una terciopelo… que lamentable muerte de este maravilloso animal lo siento mucho!

9 04 2012

That’s not a venomous snake. It’s a harmles Boa constrictor. Lame brain’s

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