The Journey to Jaco and Back

24 06 2010

Yesterday we set off to meet our fourth host, a surfer dude in his early twenties who lives by Hermosa Beach just south of Jaco.  The journey there was more eventful than the stay itself.  On the drive to Jaco, we briefly stopped at the Tarcoles Bridge, where we watched ten massive alligators waiting for lunch.  The gators must have been 15 feet long and looked like a scary cross between an old-school dinosaur and a seriously obese snake. (Added bonus: two red and blue parrots flew overhead while we were watching the alligators.)

After the alligator stop, we continued on to…  wait, we didn’t have an address.  Because no one has an address.  In Costa Rica, there is no “467 Johnson Avenue”.  Instead addresses look something like this: “30 meters South, 45 meters West of the Church, Ceiba, Costa Rica”.  It took over an hour to find our host’s place and it was another few hours before he returned home to let us in, but we made our way to the black-sanded beach where we took in the surf culture and the gorgeous waves.

While he offered us dinner and we left him a small gift, host #4 wasn’t anything special.  So we cut our stay short and returned today to our good friend Rita, who is warmer and whose house is much more spacious and clean than the surfer bachelor pad.  After two rounds of family-friendly hitchiking (actually with two geocachers and one large family), we are back home in our pool-ranch-dog- warm-meal paradise.

We’re off to the annual Orotina fruit festival tomorrow morning!  Fingers crossed for some lively festival dancing tomorrow evening, as well.  🙂

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