One Bag

25 06 2010

I’ve read a lot about minimalistic packing, but until this trip I hadn’t implemented much of what I’d soaked up. I’m not sure what prompted me to take action on this particular trip, but as I was getting ready to pack for Costa Rica I thought “Why not try and keep things down this time?”

A quick trip to got me this maximal packing list, from which I picked out only the things I would need. I’m proud to say that my only equipaje on this trip is a normal-size backpack!

Since the backpack covers two weeks of travel, I’m pretty sure that I could push a backpack’s worth of stuff to cover my needs on a much longer trip. I filled an empty lotion container with concentrated biodegradable camping soap for sink-washing clothing, since clothes are usually the way overpacked item on long trips.

I’m one day away from my return flight, so my minimalism has been tested and passed with flying colors. All that’s left is a quick and unencumbered trip to the airport. Sweet!

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25 06 2010


25 06 2010

okay well i just realized this post was made by you, yair, and not amy, in which case it’s slightly less impressive because i feel like it’s easier for a guy to pack minimally, but still kudos nonetheless

27 06 2010

Wait a minute. Thanks for the props, but why is it easier for guy?

27 06 2010

Because most girls have jewelry, makeup, toiletries like moisturizer, bras, period stuff and other randomness. Yes, a hard-pressed girl could totally cut her packing down to a backpack but it does seem to be a bit easier for a guy.

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