Costa Rica Ain’t So Bad After All

26 06 2010

When I first arrived in Costa Rica two weeks ago, I compared nearly everything to our experience in the Dominican Republic and it just didn’t measure up.  It rains here religiously every afternoon, the ticos have a different Spanish slang and pronunciation, and the beaches that I visited weren’t as nice as Abreu.  I partly ignored the natural beauty and abundance of fresh fruit in Costa Rica because I wished that I was back in the DR.

While I still haven’t found any clothing-optional / nudity-friendly parts of Costa Rica (a state of being that started to feel like a right!), I am starting to come around on this country.  My camp staff flew in this afternoon, my trip members arrive tomorrow morning and it’s going to be a great month of adventure travel, Spanish language learning and service in Costa Rica.  And if Jay and I still miss the DR, we can always return there for a month or two this winter.  Now that I can say it like I mean it: pura vida!

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27 06 2010
The Wandering Cartographer

I am smiling a big smile.

27 06 2010

So glad! Me, too. My trip members land in just an hour, and I spent hours last night prepping my Tour Director chat, icebreaker games, etc. so I’m WAY psyched! 🙂

PS- This will probably be my last comment in a while, as I imagine this trip will mildly take over the next four weeks of my life.

28 06 2010

Don’t let the rains get you down here in CR. We are going to be having a nice little indian summer in a few weeks.

As far as Clothing Optional oppurtunities, there are a few here. Feel free to contact me at and I will connect you up with some nice folks.

Take care, be well and Pura Vida.

29 06 2010

Thanks for the encouragement and for reaching out. I´ll shoot you a message later today, and would love to hear more about the CO places as well as how you found our blog. 🙂

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