Rafting, A Plant with Reflexes and Poas Volcano

28 06 2010

And our trip begins!  The campers arrived yesterday afternoon and they seem to be a good bunch.  They know me by my nickname ‘Ayo’ and have created a dozen or so variations on how to sing my name.

We´re staying at a gorgeous hotel called La Condesa and rafted the Pacuare River this morning.  My raft managed to snag the adventurous guide who let us stand in the rapids, swim alongside the raft and ¨ride the bull¨(sit at the front with our legs hanging over the side during rapids).  Ultimately, I’m responsible for the safety of all eighteen of my kids but it was a fantastic time.

Cool spot of the day: During our rafting break, we spotted a plant that is a member of the Mimosa family.  The leaves of the plant respond to and withdraw from touch by closing up.  A plant with reflexes – way cool!

I’m not tired of rice and beans just yet, but I am having Jay withdrawal and especially Mac/Skype withdrawal.  Tomorrow we hike our way to the Poas volcano and the kids are already conspiring to throw things into the lava.  There’s no way we’re getting that close, but I hate to spoil their excitement.  Internet is spotty here, but will try to post again later this week.

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