Israel On Hyperdrive!

8 07 2010

I never thought that on this trip I’d be pressed for time to write a blog post, but our days so far have been packed with walking, hiking, harvesting, and crawling through caves – leaving little time for anything else. In three days we’ve walked Jerusalem’s Old City, found coins and ancient pottery while volunteering at an archaeological dig, walked through a 1,500 foot active water tunnel, and picked tomatoes at a farm for the hungry – among many other things. The trip participants are having a great time, and I’ve developed a nice rapport with our tour guide and bus driver. (Who’s name is  Mashiach, the Hebrew for messiah. Weird.)

While on the one hand it’s hard to believe that we’ve already flown through four days of trip time (including our flight), it’s also hard to internalize that we’ll be here for another 2+ weeks. We’re spending this Shabbat in Nahariya at a beautiful hotel by the beach, and tomorrow we head to the city of Acco for some touring and traditional Druze hospitality.

Separately, I’ve let my astronomy passion loose on the teens and they are now really excited to spend a night out under the stars in Israel’s desert. There’s much more to come on this trip, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to keep my energy up throughout! Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get awakened tonight for a broken room lock, curfew violation, or one of the many other things that can make my phone ring at 2 AM.

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