The Haircut, Bruises and Unveiling Jay

13 07 2010

Last week I let a trip member (TM) buzz off my hair in front of our entire group!  I had been wanting to donate my hair for some time, was itching to experiment with a short style and the TMs were looking for a fun evening activity so the timing seemed perfect.  The ‘do ended up as more of a boy-cut than a buzz cut, but I was nervous as anything since it was the first time that an electric shaver touched my head and it’s the shortest I’ve ever gone.

The haircut is wildly exhilarating and it’s particularly exciting to not need a ponytail holder around my wrist for the first time in over ten years.  The cut is incredibly convenient in the water, when being active and I’m super glad that I made the decision, particularly because it allowed me to donate my hair again.  (This time the hair will be sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because Locks of Love requires over ten inches whereas the former accepts eight inches.)  Nevertheless, hair is such a huge part of female identity and part of me feels almost genderless without hair to style and frame my face.  It doesn’t look bad, so props for beauty and convenience not always needing to be trade-offs.

I decided to take immediate advantage of the new haircut.  Our group went surfing in Playa Flamingo the next morning and my experience was a thousand fold more enjoyable without worrying about hair falling in my face.  It was my first time on a board and I really enjoyed the trial and error catch-a-wave experience.  Unfortunately my TMs accidentally launched the fin of their boards into me a few times and the surfing was followed by a series of intense soccer games culminating in last night’s match with a strong kick to my right shin.  My legs are currently thoroughly scratched up,  bruised green and brown and I couldn’t walk after last night’s kick to the shin.  But thankfully today was a better day and – at my parent’s behest – I’m going to start taking it a bit easier and resting my body.

I was starting to feel ready to return home as four weeks as a tour director is a very long time.  My little sister asked me why I wasn’t bonding so much with my TMs and I realized that it was hard to connect with them fully when I wasn’t discussing a huge part of my life.  So tonight I told them about Jay and our RV plans as  well as how old I am, and the TMs were pumped to hear that I was married and learn more about my life.  It’s so nice to be able to say out loud at the dinner table how excited I am to hear from Jay later.

Tomorrow we volunteer doing agricultural work with an environmentally-friendly coffee cooperative in Santa Elena.  I’m going to head in early in anticipation of an exhausting and exciting day.  Back in New Jersey with Jay and the family in less than two weeks – can’t wait!

With my TMs on the Costa Rica Service, Language and Adventure  Travel Trip

With my TMs on the Costa Rica Service, Language and Adventure Travel Trip

Ayo Flipping Out Slightly as Russell Makes the First Cut

Ayo Flipping Out as Russell Makes the First Cut

Okay, I Can Do This - Prepared for Whatever Comes Next

Okay, I Can Do This - Prepared for Whatever Comes Next

Ayo With a New 'Do at the Mudbaths in Rincon La Vieja

Ayo With a New 'Do at the Mudbaths in Rincon La Vieja

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2 responses

14 07 2010
The Wandering Cartographer

omg! you did it! mazal tov lady! 🙂

26 07 2010

Thank you, dear! It’s SO soft and liberating, and Yair is loving it. Win-win. 🙂

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