RV Day Is Tomorrow, And An Itinerary Change

2 08 2010

Today is the big day. We’ll soon be picked up and taken to meet our RV. After spending a few hours checking it out and learning its basic operation we’ll head to our hotel, load up, and head out.

We’ve decided to make a change in the first leg of our itinerary, mostly so we don’t head north first and then southeast. We’ll be spending tonight at a nearby Walmart, where we’ll unpack and stock up on supplies. Tomorrow will bring us to a San Bernardino National Forest Ranger Station, where we’ll pick up our America The Beautiful Pass, campfire permit, and maps. From there we’ll be off to a Yellow Post site for a bit.

Can’t wait!

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5 responses

2 08 2010
Freely Living Life


We are so excited for you two.

Congrats. Looking forward to hearing more!


3 08 2010

Thanks! It’s started and it’s FUN!

3 08 2010
barbara levy

Well you are off to a good start. hope you will post pictures of inside and outside your new home on wheels. barg

3 08 2010
barbara levy

are you heading north first because you do not like our 104 degree weather?

3 08 2010

Barb, I always thought that warmer was better but am starting to second guess that statement… 104 degree weather is beautiful when you have A.C. to go back to! πŸ™‚

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