Walmart, Night #2 and America the Beautiful

6 08 2010

We started feeling much more comfortable with the RV, its workings and how to conserve our resources on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Much of Tuesday was spent at a Walmart Supercenter where we stocked up on kitchen staples, food and recommended items for the RV.  The Walmart was huge and shopping through it felt like the television show Supermarket Sweep, but in reverse – meticulously finding each item on the list in a different aisle.  Interestingly though not surprisingly, at least a quarter of the people we saw in the Chino Walmart were obese, in stark contrast to the super-skinny culture of Los Angeles.  The Walmart barely stocked healthy packaged items and – to my great delight – there was an entire section devoted to cookie dough and biscuits.

A Cookie Dough Section?!

A Cookie Dough Section?!

We’ve figured out where to find useful things for free, whether hangers and bathrooms at Walmart, internet at Starbucks, water at public parks and campgrounds or storing boxes at hotels.  The nice part is that we don’t actually need any of these services, as we have a bathroom, internet (post to come), water and ample storage space right here.

Night #2 in the RV was exciting as we were able to travel anywhere and decided to overnight at a local park that looked like Seton in Riverdale, but bigger.  The park was a great place to wake up, have breakfast, stretch and dance as we tested the outdoor entertainment center and the speakers worked perfectly!

On Wednesday afternoon, we made a quick stop at a small-town mechanic shop to get our air checked and we met the shop’s wonderful owners who did the check, wished us well and sent us off with a bunch of maps free of charge.  We then picked up our America the Beautiful pass that grants us access to and parking in most national parks and forests for a year, and began making our way into the San Bernardino National Forest where we are right now.  Being here is incredible, but more to come in the next post.

Eco-Barrier Provided By Our Small-Town Mechanic

Eco-Barrier Provided By Our Small-Town Mechanic

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