A Post Dedicated to Poop

8 08 2010

Yellow Post sites don’t offer the same amenities that traditional campgrounds do, such as showers, bathrooms and potable water.  Though the RV has built-in amenities, Yair and I are enjoying roughing it a little – cooking over a small campfire instead of turning on the RV generator to use the microwave, and ditching our washroom for the good old outdoors.  To that effect, this post is dedicated to poop.

Most campers in wilderness areas don’t have the luxury of indoor plumbing, so the Forest Service sets the following guidelines when it comes to human waste:  “Bury it.  At least 3-5 inches please.  And not near your campsite or water sources.”

‘Going’ outside was strange at first, like unlearning something that has been grilled into you your whole life.  After the first time, it started to feel liberating because you could go anywhere and you feel more like a part of nature when you do.  Pooping in itself also becomes a bit of a chore since you have to bring a small shovel with you to dig a hole before you can do your business.  I don’t love that part.  Similarly, I’m more mindful of what and how much I eat since going into the forest, finding a spot, digging a hole, etc. is a process that I don’t want to have to bother with more than once or max twice each day.

Mostly though I’ve felt a strange kinship with Kabuki, Muffin and all the other dogs out there who scout for good spots and then mark their territory.  Miss you guys!

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