RV Tanks And Resource Conservation

10 08 2010

This post is mostly us patting ourselves on the back, and is partly a response to Jacob’s (of ERE fame) Facebook post asking if we’ve had to dump our tanks yet. We filled up on water eight days ago and left with empty holding tanks. While it’s possible that our tank level monitors are way off, we’re doing great with our resource conservation and usage.

As of Sunday evening, six days later:

  • Water tank is still 1/2 full
  • Gray tank is nearly empty (We’ve been using biodegradable soap and collecting gray water in a sink bucket – we use it to flush the toilet and to put out campfires. We’ve also been in secluded spots and have been able to use our outdoor shower.)
  • Black tank is 1/4 full. (The great outdoors has been… great.)

I think we may end up being the first people ever to fill our black tank before our gray tank! (Which is perhaps surprisingly a potential problem. The black and gray water tanks both flush through the same valve and hose, and thirty gallons of gray water is what’s supposed to clean out the plumbing.)

Update on Tuesday: We filled our water, propane, and fuel today. Ready to go!

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4 responses

10 08 2010

It’s good idea to run your generator for 15-20 minutes once a week. I usually run the roof air at the same time to put a load on the generator.

10 08 2010

Thanks for the tip! I actually thought that it was supposed to be longer than 15-20 minutes, but either way we’ll be giving the generator a nice workout in the Mojave Desert 🙂

21 08 2010
Freely Living Life

Enjoying the RV life I see! So wonderful to know its working out well for you two.

Take care!

The Freely Living Life Family

23 08 2010

Thanks for the encouragement right from the start. RV life is fantastic!

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