More Reasons Why I Love Our RV

19 08 2010

The RV lifestyle has me hooked right now and I keep marveling at how well the space here is used.  (Our old NYC apartment almost seems wasteful in comparison.)  There are three things in particular that I really like about RV living:

1.  It’s easy to be spontaneous in the RV!  When I worked in Manhattan, I had a 1+ hour commute to my office.  If I wanted to check out a dance class, I needed to plan ahead and bring a change of clothes to work with me.  If I wanted to meet up with friends later that night, I needed to kill a couples of hours in the City because there wasn’t enough time to go back home.  In our current lifestyle, we pack and live light, and the RV is always close by allowing me to do more things on a whim.

2.  It’s easy to make our own schedules without being too far apart. If Jay wants to charge up in Starbucks but I’m not interested in chilling at a cafe, I can be practicing guitar ‘at home’ twenty feet away.  If I want to go out to a karaoke night but Jay is getting a little tired, he can curl up in bed and read a book close by.  Whether we are parked in a forest or in a public lot, the RV feels like home and its mobility gives us the flexibility to embrace each other’s schedules.

3.  It’s not easy to ignore each other.  Prior to RVing, I thought that Jay and I had a strong relationship.  And we did, but our relationship now is different and better.  Because we are in such close quarters and are spending our days together pretty much full-time, we have bonded and our connection is much stronger.  Whether it’s exploring nature, learning new hands-on skills or engaging in deep conversations, I am loving this ‘us’.  The RV is a positive influence even when we are not actively spending time together.  In Riverdale, I might have relaxed in the bedroom while Jay read in the living room.  In the RV, we can be doing the exact same things separately but also in a way that is so much more together.

Love you, Arvie!  (Note:  Our RV is officially nameless.  My initials are ‘AO’ and so one of my nicknames is Ayo, its phonetic spelling.  Along the same lines, I’ve taken to calling our RV by the name of ‘Arvy’.  Jay would prefer a stronger, tougher name like “The Falcon” or “The Adventurer” or something of that sort.  I think that we are due for an RV-naming contest, so keep your eyes peeled for that soon.)

PS – It’s our anniversary today! Celebrating with another normal fun day of nature, a crater, and hot springs.

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2 responses

21 08 2010

Happy anniversary!!

23 08 2010

Thank you!!

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