Name Our RV And Win a (Real) $40 Prize!

6 09 2010

We’ve had our dear RV for a little over one month now, and he/she/it has remained unnamed.  Hopefully, this tragic situation will soon come to an end… with your help!

Submit any and all RV name suggestions between now and midnight on September 13th, and we will announce the winner – along with a video tour of the RV – on the blog on September 15th.  For full disclosure, I am partial to cute names like ‘Arvie’ (“RV”) whereas Jay gets excited about tough and manly names like “The Explorer” or “The Falcon” or whatever.

The folks at CSN Stores have been kind enough to offer us a free $40 give-away and we’ve decided to pass it on to you in the form of this contest. The $40 can be uses on any of their 200+ sites, listed here.  They are specifically showcasing some great dinnerware now, but they have backpacks, pet supplies, tools and all sorts of cool stuff. (Shipping within the United States is almost always free.)

To enter, leave a comment on this post and include your email address. (Your email will not be displayed and will only be used to contact the winner.) A winner will be selected at random from the entries, so you don’t need to have the best suggestion to win – but make yours good anyway!

Our RV Named ______

Our RV Named ______

Good luck!

posted by amybetho and jayhorowitz

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12 responses

7 09 2010

How about Jaime (The Adventurer), a combination of Jay and Amy? You can spell it differently like Jayme or Jmy or Jamy.

8 09 2010

Something original is hard to come up with this day in age. Name the RV Rudy Road Trip.

9 09 2010

How about Expedious or Rover or maybe Voyager? Just a thought. Safe travels!

10 09 2010

I’m partial to “Lieutenant Adventure” Kinda like Captain America but woks for intrepid girls, too . Oh, and it was the name of my childhood dog – we had wonderful adventures together.

11 09 2010

What’s wrong with arvie? I’m kinda a huge fan of that one.
Additional thoughts:
Speed racer
Seeing a theme here?

Punch buggy
Turbo charged
Ok I’m done now 🙂

12 09 2010

How about Bye-Bye or We Roll.

12 09 2010

I like: Free At Last

13 09 2010

“Our home away from home”

13 09 2010

dopps aka daddy/dad suggests “call of the wild” ( which was also the name of a book by jack london)

mopps suggests ” the tenth man” or “the tenth wo-man” , which references burning man and our tradition of being the 10th person to make a minyan (prayer group).

or maybe a name in the great indian tradition of names that you used to bestow upon us, ames?

13 09 2010
Mimi Wahrman

I’d like to suggest the name “Jamie” for your RV. It’s a contraction of your names, of course. I hope you continue to have a safe and enjoyable journey and a Shana Tova u’Mitukah! Love, Mimi

14 09 2010
Avi Rosenfeld

I would name it Darla.

Or Barney…

15 12 2010
Briana Schultz

How about Trinity (

😉 Your comment really cracked me up!

Thanks for reading!


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