More On Reno

12 09 2010

Things seem to be falling into place for us in Reno. We’re getting to know our way around, have made some great friends, and have found a lovely and small Jewish community that we’ve taken a liking to. Reno isn’t a city that we would consider settling down in, but it is looking to be our base at least through the next few weeks. The weather here is fantastic, and a local synagogue has graciously given us permission to camp out in their quiet and centrally located parking lot. (They’re also letting us use their wifi and electricity, two unexpected pluses. And we’ve found a place to dump and fill up on water for free, as well.)

Our main consideration is staying reasonably warm and that is still foremost in our minds, but we’ve heard that we have until around Thanksgiving before things here start to really chill. Until then, Ayo has plugged us in with University of Nevada-Reno events and has begun an instructor training class in ballroom dance. I’m having fun as well – this place ain’t bad.

Still to come, we promise to get a post up about our Burning Man experience!

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