Survival Skills

22 09 2010

After watching a half-cheesy / half-awesome episode of “Man Woman Wild” last night, I’ve dived into the world of survival skills. I’ve already put together a list of items that I have to add to my day pack and have begun practicing some fire making skills.

There are number of key skills necessary for wilderness survival, and the survivalist and his supplies need to be prepared for all of them:

  • Psychological. You need to remain cool and collected, not panic, and be able to think clearly.
  • Fire Making. Fire is calming and morale boosting, while providing warmth, light, cooking, signaling, and water purification.
  • Shelter. Exposure sucks, whether to extreme cold or extreme heat. Adequate shelter is key in protecting a survivalist from temperature extremes, rain, snow, insects, and wind.
  • Water. Vital not only for survival, but also for maintaining the ability to make rational and intelligent decisions.
  • Signaling. The ability to signal rescuers is key to getting extracted as quickly as possible.
  • Food. Gotta eat.
  • First Aid. One of the many situations that can call for the exercise of survival skills is in the case of an injury. In these circumstances it is important to have rudimentary first aid knowledge to enable the execution of the key skills above.

As any experienced survivalist will tell you, an ‘armchair survival expert’ may not make it far in an actual survival situation. It is important to practice all of the above skills.

That’s why I have contacted an expert survival skills instructor in Nevada. In the coming weeks I’m looking forward to honing my skills at the hands of an expert – and having the opportunity to safely practice my skills in a realistic environment.

Off to practice with my magnesium fire starter!

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29 07 2011

Preperation and practing is the key to surviving in the wilderness. If you do encounter a situation that you are not familar, panicing if the worst thing you can do. Don’t forget your survival knife.

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