A Night Out, Life at the Studio and an Amusing Job Offer

28 09 2010

This past week – and for the first time in nearly eight weeks – we spent a night not in the RV.  While we are quite happy with the RV as our home, we ended up with a two-bedroom suite in a Reno hotel, which was a cool and welcome change from the space we have now.  On our arrival we barbecued a tasty dinner, watched a movie on one of the three televisions in our suite and – over our 24-hour stay – took a total of eight hot baths / jacuzzi visits between the two of us.  Definitely a successful get-away.

While we still plan to RV the national parks, see the United States and live life semi-nomadically, Reno seems to be working out unexpectedly well for both of us.  My teacher training as a ballroom dance instructor is a quite thorough program that utilizes the DVIDA curriculum.  The teachers are welcoming, the classes are going well and I spend most of my evenings at the studio, which is a short two mile bike ride away.  Though salsa and swing are still my favorites, I have began to appreciate the other dances as well – even tango.

Yair has found several homes for himself in Reno, one of which is our local synagogue.  Coming from strong religious educational backgrounds in New York, we found that there was a lot that we could contribute here.  Despite his skepticism and mildly heretical views, Yair has been leading services, reading from the Torah and will soon begin teaching Hebrew language classes in Reno.  This next part will come as a surprise for those of you who know Yair from Riverdale (and his track record for making it to synagogue), but…  he has just been offered a position as cantor of the synagogue and will likely accept!  Several of the older congregants have already begun addressing him as rabbi, which I get a huge kick out of.

Otherwise, the chagim (Jewish high holidays) have been a time of communal gathering and fun.  We finally put our mezuzah up in a community-wide ceremony, complete with song, food, dvar and good company.  I was invited to a “Ladies Sukkah Tea” event, hosted by a lovely local family that has been particularly welcoming to us.  The dress code was “tea hats and good pearls” which made me laugh, but it was a relaxed environment and I had a lot of fun getting dressed up for a change and munching on dainty cucumber sandwiches.

Finally, our most recent purchase was an electric heater, preparing us for the fall and potentially winter seasons in Reno.  But we’ll still be venturing into the surrounding forests, exploring nearby towns and I have trips planned to NYC, Atlanta, New Orleans and Cleveland in the coming months, so we’ll keep you posted on our adventures.  A few photos below.  🙂

About to Start the Mezuzah Ceremony

About to Start the Mezuzah Ceremony

A Few Notes for the Mezuzah Ceremony Dvar

A Few Notes for the Mezuzah Ceremony Dvar

The Star of the Event

The Star of the Event

What's a Jewish Event Without Food?

What's a Jewish Event Without Food?

Ladies Sukkah Tea

Ladies Sukkah Tea

Noone Gets Away Without a Hat!

No One Gets Away Without a Hat!

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28 09 2010
barbara j. levy

Loved this post! Jay will be a cantor and you a dance instructor. I love following your adventures. i guess when you are brave enough to try (something unplanned and new) there are absolutely no limits. Enjoy Reno! Just a couple of questions. Can the solar panels help heat the RV? Here in south texas homes are not built for freezing weather so we need to keep the outer water pipes covered and water running through the sink at all times the temperature goes below 32 degrees. Will there be special things that need to be done for a cold winter in the RV?:


29 09 2010

Great question! We’ll need to do a bunch of things to keep the RV warm during the winter. (Other than driving to south Texas or San Diego.)

The few most important things are:

1. Empty our fresh water tank and water heater. Replace all of the fresh water in our pipes with antifreeze. Keep about 10 gallons of bottled water in the cabin and only use that.

2. Put antifreeze in the gray and black tanks so we can still use our drains and bathroom.

3. Seal off drafty places.

4. Run a dehumidifier to reduce condensation inside.

5. Heat the place! Our plan is to run an electric heater most of the time, supplementing with our much more powerful but much less efficient propane furnace when necessary.

We could conceivably run our heater off of solar, but to make it practical we’d need a larger array. Solar is good for keeping the lights on, pump running, circuitry alive, and electronic devices charged. The plan is that as long as we’re in Reno we’ll be plugged in at the synagogue, and once we hit the road we’ll be heading someplace warmer and won’t need to worry about frost.

29 09 2010
Freely Living Life

Cute hat Jay!!! =)

It’s hard to keep up to you two. But it’s wonderful that you are out there experiencing so much life. Kudos to you both.


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