The Wild West

13 10 2010

I’ve recently picked up on a few signs that we’re living in the Wild West.

  1. Almost anyone over 21 can buy a gun in about 10 minutes. Open carry is allowed, and no city in Nevada is permitted to enact gun laws stricter than the statewide laws. A concealed carry permit is must-issue to (almost) anyone.
    • On Yom Kippur at least six people at synagogue were packing
  2. People raise horses, cows, llamas, and peacocks (I know, a bit out of place) a few miles away from where we’re parked in downtown Reno.
  3. There are wild horses all throughout the mountains. (And rattlesnakes, which admittedly are less fun.)
  4. There are cowboys. Many cowboys. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Non-outdoorsy people don’t have Camelbaks. Okay, not such a big deal. But the big deal is that people have no idea what they are! Ayo has even been asked multiple times if she is on oxygen!
    • On a similar note, it seems as though the only people who walk around Reno are day laborers and me. Bike lanes are all over the place, but they mostly go unused. I’ve been really happy with my biking here (around 10 miles a day, with a long ride once a week), but I have almost never shared a bike rack with another bike.
  6. This one isn’t so Wild West, but Nevadans dip their pizza in ranch dressing and pour honey on their crusts. I’ll admit that it tastes pretty good, but what the hell?!

Anyway, we’re having fun here. The surrounding mountains are great, the air is fresh, and the outdoor recreation is wonderful.

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7 responses

13 10 2010

Sounds amazing! Would have thought that cowboys would be “outdoorsy” and active though.

13 10 2010

There are two very broad categories of people here (not all-encompassing):

1. Cowboys
2. People with cowboy mentalities

The legit cowboys get outside. They may not be hikers, but they know their land. The people with cowboy mentalities are the ones that dropped the farming but kept the NRA card. You don’t see them biking around.

13 10 2010
Judy Hirsch

People with cowboy mentality:
– have firearms and like to carry them around
– love motorcycles, the higher c.c. the better
– despise socialism
– think that the US Republican Party is too socialist
– despise any form of government
– have multiple relatives working for the City, County and State governments
– despise any medical insurance (who needs it? feel too sick? don’t you have a gun?)
– suggest that doctors should accept live chickens from people who have no money
– consider spike heels, tight fit and exposed midriff to be the business attire for women

14 10 2010

I’ve actually heard the “think that the US Republican Party is too socialist” in Reno!

13 10 2010
barbara j. levy

so, no comments about your trips? how was the camping trip? how did all your light weight wilderness equipement size up? amy, how was your trip? Did you contact howie? he said he contacted you.

The wild west isn’t all about guns and packing but most texans fit your descriptions. When my house was burglarized several folks offered me their exta gun.,… thought i would shot myself!


14 10 2010

The gear review is coming, don’t worry! (Trip was great!)

15 10 2010

And a trip update is coming on my part, as well, though I just published a post about a recent ordeal that took up much of my visit!

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