A Miracle – Kabuki is Home

15 10 2010

I just returned from a ten-day trip to the New York area.  The first five or six days were spent running Faces of Israel programming in NYC and Syracuse, while the socializing, family time and birthday celebrating were scheduled for the remaining days in New Jersey and Riverdale.

My trip took an unexpected turn and the celebrating and socializing were indefinitely postponed when my parents and I returned home on Sunday to find that the dog sitter had lost our dog, Kabuki.  The sitter had accidentally left a door open when Kabuki wandered out and – forgetting the #1 rule of dog behavior (never chase a dog!) – she proceeded to freak out and run after Kabuki.  Frightened, Buki ran away from her chasers on Sunday around 1:30 pm and that was the last anyone saw of her.

From the moment we arrived back at home, every minute was devoted to searching for Kabuki.  Flyers were posted, local organizations, newspapers and police departments were contacted and my parents and I spent hours walking through backyards and sidewalks shouting “Kabuki!  Buki-san!  Come, come Buki!” until our voices were hoarse.  Neighbors volunteered their time to help us search, my family kept the doors to the house wide open in case she wandered back and my dad slept outside and downstairs for three nights straight so that someone would be there if she came home, but all to no avail.  Each night passed by, a little colder than the previous one and it killed me when it started raining and storming one night.  I thought of Kabuki – this timid, shy dog that never walked much farther than a few blocks from home stuck in the cold, wet rain – scared and alone.

On Wednesday morning, my parents decided to return to the forest a few blocks away from our house and do a third search.  They methodically went through each part of the woods in a grid-like fashion, climbing over fallen trees and combing through the thick brush all the while shouting for Kabuki.  An hour and a half later – deep into the forest – my dad spotted what he thought might be the dog and my mom began to call her name.  Kabuki didn’t respond with any barking (perhaps she was too tired or traumatized), so it’s likely that none of us would have ever found her by just calling her name and listening for her response, but as my mom approached (with peanut butter in hand!), Kabuki began to slowly stand up and wag her tail back and forth.  There were thorny vines wrapped around her legs, limiting her movement and trapping her in the forest, but she was alive.  We don’t know how long Kabuki was stuck in the woods, but the rain was a G-d send because it provided her with just enough water to survive for three days.

Kabuki was brought home and – when my dad woke me up to share the news – I couldn’t stop from crying.  I thought we had lost her.  We were all leaning toward that possibility and the fact that this sweet, shy, scaredy-cat of a dog could survive for three days in a forest that is frequently home to snakes, coyote and other wild animals is a miracle.

When Kabuki came home, she looked just as good as ever – running from one of us to the other, and making all different barking sounds as though she was telling us the story of where she had been and what she had gone through.  Thankfully, Kabuki got a clean bill of health from the vet last night.  We are so, so lucky and blessed to have found her and brought her home.


A Photo of Kabuki and My Little Sis That We Used for the Flyer

A Photo of Kabuki and My Little Sis That We Used for the Flyer


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3 responses

15 10 2010

Wow! What an amazing story! I’m soooo glad the poor little thing is okay and happily back at home.

18 10 2010

Glad we brought her home. It was all you, kid.

18 10 2010


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