Extreme Sports

20 10 2010

Extreme sports sound cool and I would love to be the type of person who gets a rush from doing something extreme, but – having tried it – I know that it’s just not for me.

In Costa Rica, my group rappelled down a two-hundred foot waterfall and I led them on the excursion.  The experience was the type of thing that sounded cool, but realistically the water was pounding down on us really hard, a lot of the kids skinned their knees and my eardrum was throbbing for about twenty minutes afterward.  I had to do the activity since I needed to set a good example for the teens, but I would have been happier going on a ‘medium-level’ hike and rappelling down twenty feet of rock for kicks.

Similarly, a good friend of mine is currently training to kayak from Spain to Israel.  Once he accomplishes this feat, he plans to be the first recorded person to kayak around all of Africa.  I thought and still think that this is the coolest thing ever.  My first inclination was “I want to join you!” – and he already accepted the offer of company in a heartbeat.  But again I’ve realized that – while I’d be happy to join him for a few day leg of the trip, and while kayaking around Africa is undeniably cool – doing the whole trip wouldn’t be for me.

Alas, I’m not an extreme athlete but I can still appreciate the awesomeness that others push their bodies to accomplish.

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4 responses

20 10 2010
barbara j. levy

how did you friend expect to be left alone by the pirates?

20 10 2010

He’s a very friendly guy. Maybe they’ll take him in. 🙂

20 10 2010
Ar Spiro

Hey isn’t extreme vacationing a sport?

21 10 2010

Maybe. How about extreme studying? You’re a pro-athlete at that one. And yay for your virgin comment on the blog. Shehechiyanu! 🙂

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